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Hello and welcome to the Seventh United States Army NCO Academy Cadre Bad Tolz Alumni Site. It is the intention of this site to cover those years when the 7th U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officers Academy (7thANCOA) was located at Bad Tölz, Germany with emphasis on the years from January of 1972 through September 1990 when the Academy was placed under the command of an enlisted Command Sergeant Major. There are many articles and links detailing the entire history of the Academy, and it is our intention to focus on our part of its honored past.

Meet and Greet




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Orderly Room

If you have joined the board but have not yet posted you will not show up as a member. Please enter the orderly room and post a note under the "Welcome" Thread. That way we will know who is a member and who might still need help joining the board..

10 23 Re: Welcome to th...
Thomas C Boling
Apr 27 16 8:43 AM

How To Use This Board

Instructions for using this board.

Apr 14 15 2:46 PM

The Cadre Mess Hall

Drop in, let us know who you are and what you've been up to. Grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell. We can swap tales and memories in an informal setting.

7 28 Re: Welcome
Sgt Rock
Oct 23 14 2:12 PM

Welcome Former Students

Drop in and share the coffee. Tell us your memories of the Academy, The Autobahn, a specific instructor or a TAC NCO that made an impact on your life. You can feel free to share your memories with us.

5 7 Winter Class
Jun 29 16 6:51 AM

Guest Book

Welcome to the 7th US Army NCO Academy Guest Book. Please take a moment and sign our guest book....let us know what you think about our home...Comments are welcome.

3 7 Items
Mar 17 14 10:11 AM

The Heart Of The Academy




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Academy History

Articles and writings contributing to the history of the 7th United States Army Noncommissioned Officers Academy.

30 33 Re: The Academy S...
Sgt Rock
Oct 26 14 2:49 AM

Jensen Hall

Remember those classes? How could we forget. It was fun and it was serious business, it was interesting and I know we all looked for those students we could really reach, the ones who went on to make a difference.

6 8 Re: Not Exactly a...
Oct 31 14 1:09 PM

Business As Usual

Articles and official comments about the 7th Army NCO Academy while at Bad Tolz.

15 21 Re: The Academy O...
Mar 20 15 1:47 AM


With Solemn respect for those who have stood their last roll call and followed their final PCS we salute you, and we hope to see you soon. May you each rest in peace.

9 12 Our Former Comrad...
Bill Shultz
Mar 16 16 2:35 PM





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First Reunion Branson, MO

Pictures and Memories from our first reunion in Branson, MO

6 6 Branson Daily Ind...
Bill Shultz
Jun 5 13 8:54 AM

Second Reunion, The Comanche Nation

Pictures and memories of our second reunion at the The Comanche Nation in October of 2011.

28 28 Submissions from ...
Aug 26 14 11:42 AM

Third Reunion, Las Vegas, NV

Pictures and memories of our reunion in Las Vegas end of March first week of April 2013.

6 6 Submissions from ...
Aug 23 14 2:20 PM

Forth Reunion, Celebration October 2014, Savannah, Ga

Pictures, comments and general information from the 2014 Savannah, GA Reunion

9 13 Additional 4th Re...
Nov 22 14 4:10 PM

Fifth Reunion In Florida

Pictures and comments from the 5th Reunion.

1 1 Re: Fifth Reunion...
Apr 28 16 6:27 PM

After Retreat




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On The Economy

The title tells it how it is. Pictures off post during your time in Germany.

1 2 Re: A Little Germ...
Bill Shultz
May 27 13 9:55 AM

Life After The Academy

If you can't find a place for it anywhere else, post it here. We'll call this the Flee Market Forum.

12 14 Ed Briggs, Comanc...
Aug 15 14 5:32 PM

Upload your favorite Youtube music here.

Have a special song you want to share? Find it on Youtube and upload it here so we can all hear it.

Jul 2 15 10:26 AM

The Cadre Live Lounge

Grab a cold one, pull up a stool and lets have a live conversation.

Bio's and Personal Area




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Personal Bio's

Here it is. You can post your Bio here...It's totally up to you how long or how short it is. No guidelines are necessary, just write away....

7 11 Re: Command Serge...
Steve Verno
Mar 11 16 1:19 PM

Your Personal Stories

Anything you have on your mind, this is the place to spill it...Rant, Rave or do whatever you want. No restrictions on length or topic. Just please, keep it civil...Good place to post your "war" stories...

7 10 Darkest Night
Jul 26 13 11:57 PM

Comments Or Suggestions For This Board

If you have any comments about this board let us hear them..even if it is something negative. Do you have a suggestion to improve the board? Perhaps a topic to add? Please let us know here.

1 3 Re: Problem with ...
Jun 30 14 9:12 AM
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